Chloe’s Room Reveal

Chloe’s was the first room to really feel complete in our house. Perhaps it was because we wanted her to feel at home when we made the move from Halifax to Ottawa. It’s also possible that designing her room was just more fun than the others! Finding pieces that complimented one another, without being themed, was easy enough. And we had a lot of help in the art department from my sister at Ghost Coast Designs, who made just about every piece of art in this room.

On of our favourite things about this room is that it mixes modern with vintage in an effortless way. The bed was definitely the inspirational item here. I picked it up at a garage sale for next to nothing, and painted a pale pink (at Chloe’s request) with spray caulk paint. I love how subtly feminine it is, and that it brings character to the space.

The little Pom Pom garland was made in about 30 minutes using cheap dollar store poms and some embroidery yarn. I initially wanted to purchase felt pompoms, but the cost blew my mind! And, as it turns out, felting is an extremely time consuming task that involves far too many pokes to the fingers- so it wasn’t something I wanted to DIY.

The little monogram C hanging above Chloe’s bed was made for her by Ghost Coast Designs, and definitely makes the space feel more like “hers.” I loved it so much that I asked for three more for each of our other family members!

And that little whale on the night stand? It’s an essential oil defused, star projector, and sound machine all in one! Chloe’s Nonna bought that for her from Doterra, and I have to say that I love it to pieces!! The moment we turn it on I want to crawl up and fall asleep. It is a lifesaver.

Chloe’s curtains were purchased at Winners- my favourite store!! They’re a perfect pale pink that allow the light to filter through in the most beautiful way. Sometimes I want to steal them for my room. Heck: I actually just want to live in this room myself! Think Tom would fit?? 😂

The little unicorn garland was given to Chloe by her Aunt Jena (or Boo Boo, as her nieces call her)who inspires Chloe’s taste in almost everything. Boo boo loves pink and unicorns? Then they are the coolest.

We are still in search for the perfect rug for this room. Until then we will happily admire the gleaming birch floors that Tom installed when we moved in. They have stood up so well to all of the abuse a preschooler can dole out. From the wheels of her stroller to several bottles of nail polish- these floors have seen it all. Maybe no rug is ok for now.

In the corner here we have a large bin for holding all of Chloe’s stuffed animals. We found it was the easiest way to keep the mess contained.

The cute little animal water colours were again gifted to us by Ghost Coast Designs. Isn’t that Rabbit saucy?!?! It reminds me so much of Chloe.

On this side of the room we have Chloe and Baby Evelyn’s shared Ikea Malm dresser. I keep meaning to update it with custom drawer fronts and pulls, but for now it works well. It is nice and roomy, while still having a low enough profile for little hands. And it provides a great spot for featuring Chloe’s nicnaks and art.

I love this little guy. Chloe says he protects her from Monsters. She’s probably right.

The fox is an Etsy find, but I can no longer remember the artist. The tiny cat was a winners print, and the unicorn snow globe was picked up at indigo.

As you can see, we currently have no closet doors in this room. We had to take them down to install the hardwood, and then kind of got used to them not being there. They were cheap and flimsy sliding doors, so we knew that down the line we would want to upgrade them. I’m thinking DIY shaker panelled doors 😀 For now though, the extra space allows us to fit in Chloe’s little teepee, and will one day be home to Eva’s crib.

This Kallax shelf is great for housing her books, toys, and dress up stuff. It’s screwed to the wall to ensure it won’t tip if she ever decides to be a goose and climb it.

We also stuck Chloe’s kitchen in here. She’s such an imaginative player that she can spend hours in here doing her thing. When she’s on a roll, she prefers privacy- the second we enter the room her pretend play stops – so having a private space filled with her favourite things was a must.

And what is that I Spy? Two more prints by Ghost Coast Designs ❤️❤️💕❤️ They really do make the room.

Some of you have asked how we managed get a room free from TV characters. For us, the key was giving Chloe a choice between a few different mom approved options. It meant that she felt involved, without having complete control. As a result, I think we’ve created a space that she’ll happily live in for years to come.❤️❤️

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