After months of procrastinating, we are finally here to share our passion for DIYing with you all. We probably would have started sooner, but – you know – life just passed us by.

Tom and I bought our first house four years ago, and since then we have completed too many renovations to count. After each one we said, “this time we will post about it”! And then life got in the way. We gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Chloe, and then another, who we call Evelyn. We moved away from our hometown of Halifax, NS, to a much bigger Ottawa, Ontario. And now that the dust is finally beginning to settle, we’ve decided to start this blog. We hope to share with you the many things we’ve learned along the way – and, hopefully, inspire you to take on a few things, too.

Starting a blog has always been on our bucket list, mostly because we owe so much of our own success to those who have pioneered in the DIY blog sphere. Finding them has given us a bravery that we never would have had otherwise. When Tom and I bought our first home, we had never even changed a light bulb. I kid you not. Now we’ve done everything from installing hardwood to custom designing and building both a set of stairs and custom shaker cabinets. I won’t lie: it’s been hard! But when we sit down and look at all we have accomplished, we feel nothing but pride. That pride is something we want to share with all of you, because we really believe that home design should be something anyone can achieve.

So hello. Hello to all the bloggers out there, and hello to the readers. Thank you so much for being here – and we hope to see you back again soon.

~ Josie and Tom ~