A Review of Ikea’s Karlstad Sofa

When Tom and I bought our first house, we spent the weeks leading up to the move in date trying to hunt down the perfect sofa for our space. We wanted something modern, spacious and durable, but had a pretty tight budget to work with. After much debate, we decided to bite the bullet and … Continue reading A Review of Ikea’s Karlstad Sofa

Our $350 DIY Patio with Ikea’s Runnen Deck Blocks

  Our backyard has sat untouched for the last two years while we tackled the more important projects within our house. Because of this, we didn't really go back there. There wasn't much reason to do so! With all of our furniture sitting on the grass, we found that as soon as we sat down … Continue reading Our $350 DIY Patio with Ikea’s Runnen Deck Blocks

Chloe’s Room Reveal

Chloe's was the first room to really feel complete in our house. Perhaps it was because we wanted her to feel at home when we made the move from Halifax to Ottawa. It's also possible that designing her room was just more fun than the others! Finding pieces that complimented one another, without being themed, … Continue reading Chloe’s Room Reveal